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Thursday, August 26, 2010


big woman

You were worshiped for eons
desired and loved

the temple priestess
Divinity in flesh
immortalized in sculpture
exalted in canvass
glorious to behold

heavenly to hold
intoxicating to all senses

but forget this truth
believe in lies instead
submit to exploitation

hate You and Your body
fashion mags are bibles
the media speaks truth
let the shallow define You
they can't be wrong

so reality must be flawed

ignore history and biology

they cannot mean anything
choose starvation and denial

diet and purge and despair
hide Your beauty in shame
deny Your senses and desire
revile warmth and softness

and seek to become ugly bone
and never ever love You

for if You knew Your beauty

if You knew the desire You inspire
if You knew Your Divinity
if You knew Your power
if You knew Your potential
if You knew Your worth
if You knew truth
if You loved You
like You should love You

You would see through the lies
You would love Your body
You would accept nothing less
than all You deserve and desire
You would deny those that deny You

none could chain or shame You
none could use or abuse You
none could make You hate You
if You only knew that You are

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting Out

Hi, this is my second attempt at a blog, which I started at the behest of a few people that have the mistaken impression I have interesting things to say. *grin* My first one was one I had on MySpace for a while, and I rarely visit MySpace anymore (I feel kinda guilty about that), so I'm going to blog here exclusively from here on out. I may recycle some of my material from my old blog, and you're welcome to make fun of me if you see something familiar here. But I'll add mostly new entries, and will attempt to post here frequently... but not obnoxiously -- I'm not the sort to blog every time I make a sandwich, hear a joke or whatever. I prefer content to noise, and I'm sure most of you do too.

In any case, to old friends and new readers, feel free to subscribe and comment.