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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Hyena Stole Lion's Spots

Hyena saw Leopard out hunting one day, but almost didn't see him. This is because Leopard had just gotten hunting spots and he blended in with the bushes around him.

Hyena called out. “Say! That is certainly new, Leopard. Where did you get such spots?”

Leopard said, “Bah! Go away, annoying Hyena. You are no friend to me. Why should I tell you?”

But Hyena was persistent, and she kept asking Leopard where to get spots, and he knew he could not hunt until she went away. “Fine!" Leopard said, "I got my hunting spots from Creator, who is giving them to all the cats. I got the biggest and best hunting spots, for I was first in line. Now go away.”

And Hyena did go away, but was jealous. Why did Creator favor the cats with such fine hunting spots? Was Hyena not a hunter too? So she set out to visit Creator and ask for her own spots. On the way she saw Cheetah returning to the plains, herself sporting brand new hunting spots.

“Say! Those sure are nice spots,” said Hyena. “I would like to have some of my own!”

Cheetah said as she walked by, “I am sorry for you, but there is only one set of spots left and those are for Lion. He is last so he will get the smallest spots.”

Small spots or no, Hyena was determined to have them. Then Hyena had an idea. She went to Creator's hut and hid in the bushes outside. 
“Who is out there?” asked Creator.

“It is me, Lion. I am here for my hunting spots,” said Hyena.

“You do not sound like Lion,” Creator said.

“My voice is so tired from roaring,” Hyena said.

“Then why do you not come out where I can see you?” asked Creator.

“I am hiding from Rhinoceros, whom I insulted earlier,” said Hyena.

“Then here are your spots.” Creator came out and sprinkled a pot of black night behind the bushes and onto Hyena, then went back into the hut. Hyena slunk off, laughing to herself, adorned with hunting spots and having played a great prank. She passed Lion on the way back. Hyena said nothing when Lion greeted her and commented on her spots, knowing that Lion would be sore with her very soon and wanting to get as far away as she could.

Lion soon arrived at Creator's hut. “Who is out there?” asked Creator.

“It is me, Lion. I am here for my spots,” said Lion.

“I just gave the last set of spots to you. Were you not just here?” Creator asked. Then Lion realized Hyena's trick and roared in anger.

Then Creator said, “All I have left is this lordly mane I was going to give to Hyena.”

“Lordly mane?” Lion asked.

“Yes. When Hyena wears this mane, she will have majesty in the eyes of Man. Further, she will not have to hunt, but instead shall have food brought to her by her mate."

Lion said, “Well, I shall take the mane if you do not mind, so I will not feel I have walked here in vain.” So Creator gave Lion the mane he meant for Hyena, and henceforth Lioness has had to wait on Lion and bring him food. Hyena saw Lion's mane and was jealous, knowing that her trickery had made her a better hunter, but had cost her both a lifestyle of relaxation and Man's respect.

That is where the enmity between Hyena, Lion and Lioness started.