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Friday, June 10, 2011


Some fools fight for wealth and glory. These things come and go, and what is valued today will be forgotten tomorrow. Others fight for ideals, and they too are fools... though perhaps of a higher order than those motivated by mere greed. Your ideals and values will change with time, and the less you accomplish in your misguided youth the less you must undo later as a wiser man. Your nation is a foolish thing to fight for, as it will survive you and will not note your passing or sacrifices. Your village may celebrate your name and feed your pride, but it too will persist when you do not, and your name will not be sung long before another comes along and takes your place as “hero.” Your ancestors and orisha reward dutiful service, but they have many other lackeys serving them, and ultimately they shall do just fine without you.

Looking for purpose? Then look at your mother and father; they are whom to which you are most indebted, above kings and divinities. Look at your siblings, cousins and your other family; these are the people that will support you when no others will. Look into the eyes of your children and your wife; there you will find your your greatest strength and purpose. And look at the life you make for your family; there you will find your legacy and true destiny. Your family will appreciate and support you in ways that causes, that other people, that powers from on high never shall. Pursue other things by all means, and go forth and adventure. But do not forget what is truly important in this world. Do not forget the home and family you leave, and to which you must eventually return.

Take the word of a bitter old fool, who once placed his faith in lesser things and now sits alone, in a dwelling empty of home.