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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Oh, don't mind me, I'm just laying here..."

I was walking back from 7-Eleven about an hour ago when I saw a man lying on the ground near the road. Curled up under a small tree. 40s, Ute, possibly homeless. He wasn't able to sit up or respond coherently to the questions I asked him. He didn't smell like alcohol, but the back of his head revealed surgical staples. So, recent head trauma. I called 911, gave the dispatcher info on what was up and where to find us, and kept the man company until the medics arrived.

Now, the point isn't what a great wonderful caring person I am. I can be pretty heartless and hard at times. The point is, there were numerous people driving and walking past him. Why didn't any of them call 911? Or hell, why couldn't they just stop and ask the man if he were okay? Why was I the first to try and help the man it when I certainly wasn't the first to notice it? I'm honestly pretty pissed off about it right now. Just a little effort on someone else's part could have gotten him help sooner.

In all his babbling, I was able to make out a little of what he said. Part of it was, "I love you, man." Whether or not it was just the man talking out of his head, or he understood I was trying to help him, I'll accept it either way. For what it's worth I love him too, that stranger.


  1. Then your a better man then they are, yeah I know you don't think so but there's more & more of this happening all of the time. You just got it up & personal. I hope he's doing better. Peace out brother,Eric

  2. You de mon!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I know what you mean. People, more times than not, are not tuned in to the present moment at all. So, the man lying there may not have even registered. Or, if he did, they might have thought that he was drunk or homeless and that was his tree. Or, they are so brainwashed as to fear that he might hurt them.

    I offered to carry an old lady's groceries for her once and she almost hit me with them. Fear -governments love it, media loves it, religion loves it. It keeps up apart. Because, heaven forbid if we joined forces, we might be happy and free, and we might stop buying stuff!!!

  3. Unfortunately Steven most people myself included does not trust their fellow man. I grew partially in the Northeast and in the deep south and I have seen cruel and heartless people in both places, but I have also seen kind and thoughtful people has well.

    I have to admit I do not know if I would have stopped and asked that man if he was okay, mainly because of all the stories my girlfriend tells me about the worthless scum who come into the ER pretending to be sick to get pain medicine.

    That man might have actually needed help and you did a great thing, but he could have been a drug seeker and just wasted a couple of thousand dollars of taxpayers money.

    I know I sound like an ass but if there was an animal that looked hurt across the street from that man I would check on the animal first because I know the animal is not faking it!


  4. Thanks for the responses. It's good to get some other perspectives on this.

    But look, I understand caution. I understand there are some predatory motherfuckers out there. I do. I've been ripped off and straight-up robbed by people I was trying to help. And I know the sort of scum you're talking about, Don. People like that come up in the store. Just last night, some dude stole some Listerine from the store and went to go drink it behind the store, then he pulled a board out on my coworker when he went to accost him. And I was going to go whip his ass before the police handled the situation. (Just to show you guys what kind of "good guy" I am.)

    But it's pretty clear this other poor guy wasn't any sort of threat. Curled up, under a tree, rocking back and forth in pain. Yeah, he could have been faking, but to what end? He couldn't even sit up with me trying to help him.

    And hell, if you see someone that might be in distress but you're not sure what's really up, you don't have to get near him to call 911 on your cell phone and call it in. That's getting involved in the situation I guess, but really, how much does that cost someone verses what it could mean to someone else?

  5. You are right it does not cost anything to dial 911, and it would only cost me ten minutes of my life. I guess I am just jaded because of trying to help people and they fuck you over for it.

    You are a good man Steve better than I am.
    I just hope that guy really needed help.